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This is a scenario. Our solution can adapt to any type of activity and projects.

A company of restoration Health Bon, specialized in health food opened 5 years ago whose head office is in Montreal. Health Bon has 3 restaurants in 3 big Canadian cities: Montreal, Quebec and Toronto.

Health Bon decided to set up our solution People, to allow their:
- Exchange effectively on all the restaurants within the same platform.
- Reduce considerably the overload of e-mail.
- Centralize and master intern Communication on all sites.
- Build quantitative studies on the various restaurants staff.

Health bon

The blog allows to federate all employees of the company around the same projects as well as to promote and to put forward employees of Health Bon.

The discussion allows to decrease considerably the overload of e-mail for managers. It also allows to have a direct and fluid exchange for employees as well as the management, to be more reactive.

The forum allows to have answers to the recurring questions as well as to manage various projects.

Files, new menus and some invoices are shared in Cloud to the targeted people.

Some managers and directors have access to beforehand configured analysis.

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You can use one of the following profiles.

Profile Login Password
Andrew WAG
(Clerk - Toronto)
Andrew pw
Emilie RONE
(Director - Montreal siège)
Emilie pw
(Employee - Quebec)
Fabien pw
(Chief cook - Toronto)
John pw
(Manager - Montreal)
Rai pw